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Rubber Printing is one of the most important printing. There is a list of advantages where the rubber printed fabrics are washable one and they are fully dry cleanable. It is also easy to maintain in a better way. They have a professional finish at the ending of the process. The excellent rubber print results can also be achieved easily up to hundred percent in the cotton clothes and up to 100 percent for the polyester. Remaining ink is also reusable one and it also supports different color range.

The process is a little tedious one and the rubber printing paste is prepared with about sixty percent rubber, thirty-eight percent clear one and about two percent fixed one.  At the end of the process the rubber printed area becomes puffy and hence the printing process is termed as the puff print. There is a list of applications where the rubber prints are used. The Foam printed fabrics have an allusive look at the first sight. They are been widely used on the woven T-shirts, Sweat shirt, Zippers, Polo T-shirts etc. Rubber print is also used on the textile printed blankets so that it looks in a puffier sense.