Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a process used for the larger designs and larger order of printed t-shirts. It can maintain the print quality for some time and wash well too. At present, the digital printing has become a more popular one for the photographs, especially on shirts. This process is totally a different one from the thermal prints. In screen printing, one color is applied at a time and hence the rate will increase with each additional color applied. For each individual color, an additional screen will be required. The real fact is that T-shirt printing is an art form. Most of the folks do not realize that screen printing is a real art in a unique number of ways.This technique was first ever used by the Chinese almost two thousand years ago.It is said to be that Screen printing is one of the best industry standards for the superior quality. Most of the retail stores have been screen printed. The screens must be registered and printed on the test sheets in order to ensure that all of the colors line up in a perfect manner. The overall process is the most effective one at the same time.