Waze-carpool pilot expands to San Francisco Google owned a navigation app called Waze; it is at the beta testing phase. The launch of the beta version of the app was held in San Francisco. If this new raid sharing app becomes successful, then it will have a battle between the leading UberPool services of Uber. Carpooling has become the trend and the next big attempt for many of the ride share companies. Waze is going to try a different car pooling approach that is the professional drivers are not going to drive the car. This difference will help them to compete with Uber, and try to reduce the Uber’s stake in the carpool market. In the Waze labs they are looking for the new ways in order to beat the peak or rush hour traffic. They published a video regarding this. The video Lisri has Dr. Seuss like animation, which is animated more or less than the harton hears a who. The cars in the video look like the rounded bulbous Google’s autonomous car. The video is simply amazing, that was not created in a serious manner, it has some fun factors also, and it appears that the most of the cars have more than one seat inbuilt. The Waze’s app based hitchhiking, a kind of giving free lifts, will really be challenging for the ride sharing giant Uber. Payment to the driver With the carpool scheme, Google and the Waze help the drivers to save the money instead of making money. People, who own their cars, have to factor the cost of the gas and they have to manage the wear and tear of their car. But people who need a ride in the car, has to think about the aging of the car and its infrastructure. Waze allows the commuters to put their money for someone else’s vehicle, so that both sides can be benefited. Waze carpool provides you a way to help your college or neighbor in your area. Waze posted on its blog as, the detours are in minimum number, so your drive will take the same time as the drive in the carpool lane. And the rider will help you in the commuter costs. So this service will be better. The main intention of the carpool services is to have less traffic on the roads, by reducing the number of vehicles. But it is unclear that the Google Waze is trying to make money out of this service. But the info page of the carpool tells that that, the riders will Link provide for the gas. It is not sure whether the Google Waze is the pure altruism or not, it is almost similar as the Uber’s model which is known as the UberPool. UberPool was launched and introduced in San Francisco in 2014; it depends on the company’s drivers than the car owners. Riders, who prefer the same route for the journey, share the cost of the ride. In Uber drivers cost more than what is required for the cost of the gas. At the launch of the UberPool, Uber stated that the scheme will be beneficial for the driver as well as the rider. The Uber driver will get paid by the rider; you can also take the rider in the middle of the journey, the costs will depend on the road and the time taken for the journey. Starts and Stops Waze will have limits to the driver, a driver is supposed to take two rides per day. It gives the riders a chance to tell the way in which they want to go, as if they talk freely to their friends, colleagues and neighbors, except the times they want the Waze app to choose the way. By limiting the drivers, the Waze app proves that it is not trying to add another job in this sailing economy. And it does not take rides that have multiple stops, it limits the stops also. UberPool has multiple stops; Waze limits the stops because the driver is the person who is there to be in the car throughout the ride, so in order to reduce the stress to the driver Waze limits the stops, so it takes the unfair stop advantage over it. Future Competition In the Waze animation, video, the animated minivans represent the minivans that take reference from the Google’s self-driving minivans in the autonomous carpooling projects in the future. But the technology has not reached the public yet. Google has been working on the autonomous cars for the past few years. Recently it has made the partnership with the fiat Chrysler, the date is not set for the launch of the vehicles, and they are not sure when these autonomous will reach the roads or the cars will be moving out for the ride-sharing company. Uber is continuously working on the self-driving cars. There structure and the autonomy will be a competition for the Lyft. Lyft and the General Motors will launch the self-driving cars into the ride sharing process by 2017. If the Google’s parent company Alphabet pulls its own self-driving and the ride-sharing investments, then it will be much closer to the world domination. The entry of the Alphabet in the raid-sharing platform is unavoidable. Waze carpool program is not like the Uber’s program. This service serves as a matchmaking service between the drivers and the commuters to come to the mutual understanding and share their trips. The rider receives a cheap trip at $.54 per mile. This fee will help the driver to manage his fuel and the wear and tear costs. UberPool and the Google’s Waze have many similarities, but the difference is that, Uber drivers drive the vehicles in order to get the real fares for the trip. Scheduled time The major difference between the Waze and the UberPool is that, Waze rides must be booked in advance, as the commuters know their start and the end time. Waze to work The standard is the real concern for the Waze and the UberPool. People fear that, if their time is extended in the work place, they cannot get the Waze ride as expected, so, some of the people prefer UberPool than Waze. People using the Uber and the UberPool for the few years, prefer Waze to commute. The UberPool and the Lyft charges the same amount of the customers who are following the same route. They can earn more money if more than one customer follows the same route, than taking the customers to the different routes. If no one has requested for the UberPool ride, then the driver will give the discounted rate for the solo passenger also. If the match is not close, then the driver will take another two passengers, who wants to go to that destination, or in the same way, so that he can earn additional amount. The customers may sometimes feel uneasy to travel with the stranger by sharing the ride. Why Waze will work? Uber and the Lyft drivers are driving for the job and to earn money. But the Waze drivers have different objectives. Some of the reasons why the Waze passenger may bring another passenger include, • This is the best way to meet the interesting people. • To have the environmentally friendly relationship. • To have access and to share the car-pool lane. So, this will be the best opportunity for the passengers to enjoy their ride.